Set of 27 Pcs Dental Basic Orthodontics Instrument Composite Kit

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Set of 27 Pcs Dental Basic Orthodontics Instrument Composite Kit


1. Distal End Cutter T.C.
2. Slim Micro Cutter T.C.
3. Hard Wire Cutter T.C.
4. Stop Pliers
5. How Pliers Offset
6. How Pliers Straight
7. Weingart Pliers
8. Adam Pliers
9. Round Pliers
10. Hollow Chop Pliers “de la Rosa”
11. Three Jaw Pliers Long
12. Tweed Loop Forming Pliers
13. Posterior Band Removing Pliers Long
14. Straight Bracket Removing Pliers
15. Ortho Mathieu Needle Holder
16. Ortho Mathieu with Hock
17. Separating Placer Pliers
18. Band Seater
19. Band Pusher
20. Bracket Tweezers
21. Slim Direct Band Bracket Tweezers
22. Slim Buccal Tube Bonder Tweezers
23. Bracket Posing Gauge
24. Tucker Ligature Director
25. Gingrass Ligature Director
26. Ortho Scaler Jacquette Dull
27. Bracket Height Gauge

Brand New Product

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Material: High-Quality Stainless steel.

100% Guarantee Stainless Steel, O.R Grade


 Made with Surgical-grade Stainless Steel

Optimized Performance & Longevity

Brand New and High Quality.

Autoclave able

Sterilize able

 Corrosion Resistant

 Wear Resistant

 Tear Resistant

 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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